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I help women to become

Fairy Godmothers to themselves,

 their homes and their families

Life Orienteering

 Is A Coaching Concept Inspired By Nature
Designed For Women In Their Pursuit
Of Holistic Personal Growth

Orienting the modern woman towards her true potential because her current habitat may not represent what her heart truly desires:

Abundance. Harmony. Beauty. Peace.


If you dream of a more fulfilling lifestyle, richer in possibilities or one that truly represents your Venus spirit, then you are at the right place to orient yourself towards achieving that.

When I say Venus, I do not choose that word lightly. If anything, I couldn’t be more serious! As you discover more about my work, you will realise I give great significance to the Venus spirit that resides in a woman. I show how a woman represents every aspect of the following concepts and that her life’s journey should be about learning to manifest them to her benefit:


  • Abundance
  • Balance
  • Compassion
  • Harmony
  • Order
  • Purpose
  • Elegance

If a woman really represents all the above, then why might she not be living up to (and moreover, fulfilling) her full potential? The answer to that question is very straightforward: she does not know!

Although most women feel a strong connection with the natural world or with Nature and although we are all nurturers by nature, the women of today’s world have frequently lost their intrinsic abilities to deeply connect with what represents their ‘best self’!

You are the fountainhead of abundance, in all senses of the word, but you have simply forgotten. Your rightful position of a Goddess has been suppressed. You have the ability to create a copious habitat for yourself and for those around you, so why are you not doing it? Is it because you are:


  • Pessimistic for the future?
  • Having self-doubts?
  • Suffering insecurities?
  • Currently indecisive or lack clarity?
  • Feeling as if you are ‘too old to start all over again’?

None of the above really represents in any way, shape or form the potential you intrinsically possess as a woman! You are far more capable than what you have been entertaining — possibly for your lifetime so far. Those self-doubts and insecurities have to be placed into the right perspective so you can live according to your full potential. You may feel, and know in your heart, that now is the time that you confronted these issues and got your life on track by becoming the Oracle you are, all that you may have been lacking is a Life Orienteer!

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Ways I can help:



Life Orienteering is a dialogue between
your heart and the cosmos


A Life Orienteer is not someone who tells you just what you want to hear BUT reminds you what you already are, a Goddess having a human experience! No one can ‘live’ your life for you, but even you cannot live your best life without appropriate orientation…

How does a Life Orienteer assist you in having
a dialogue with the cosmos so you can
recognise your Venus status?

By remembrance!

A Life Orienteer assists you in recollecting your rightful status in the Cosmos and of Nature. You are going to be scoping your own inner terrain but before you do that, you are in need of repositioning yourself. A Life Orienteer takes all of your attention to the centre of yourself, to your heart! It is for the heart to remember what your mind has forgotten.

Your heart is your compass

Life Orienteering assists you in learning to use your ‘internal compass’ so that it comes alive and does what it supposed to do naturally and harmoniously, helping you successfully navigate the way to your aspirations as a woman and as the Venus within you!

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The Woman I work with…

… seeks creative, natural, meaningful, spiritual and practical but effective ways to reclaim their womanhood because they want and need to reposition themselves within


I believe that when such women are re-established within the circle of their powers, they can all start healing their own inner environment and then orient others to do the same. If this idea also inspires and motivates you… then join me today!


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I am a mother of a creative  girl. I live in Portugal in one of the most idelic places this beautiful country has to offer. I am a dreamer and I know nothing is impossible…


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