ABCHOPE SOS is a seven-element self-orientation system that aims to assist women in their journey towards self-love and self-fulfilment. The system is designed to achieve the realization, the deep understanding and the effective application of the following seven elements:


The ABCHOPE SOS self-orientation system works like a compass you can easily use to navigate yourself out of self-doubts and out of all forms of insecurities. It is a powerful source of guidance delivered through various means including ebooks (electronically delivered guides and workbooks in PDF format); inspirational regular email; Training Videos; Interactive Online Workshops and Webinars all provided with the aim of restoring hope, providing direction, and assisting you in achieving healthy mental patterns so you can live a more fulfilling and happier life!


The system of ABCHOPE SOS has a threefold purpose:

1) To assist the women of today’s complex and demanding world to learn to love themselves unconditionally by guiding themselves to know their true values and self-worth, not just as a woman, but also as a mother, as a partner and as an individual with a need to self-express their potentialities in creative and dynamic ways.

2) To help women to reconnect with the natural world in a deeper, richer more meaningful way than they have previously done before.

3) To become a ‘Control Point’ for others who may also be trying to ‘orient’ themselves: when a woman reconnects with the natural world and has learned to love herself she will be in position to ‘pay-it-forward’ by orienting others to do the same…. It’s a Natural and mutually beneficial process!

Why would the modern woman would want to reconnect with the natural world?

Because reconnecting with the natural world
(in other words with Nature, the Cosmos and the Universe)
is the fastest and most effective way to get unstuck from any undeserved and unfulfilling position we find ourselves in right now!

Inside the ABCHOPE SOS introduction


Accepting Abundance:

Don’t be misled this is not about selling you ‘faulty secrets’ or simply ‘becoming financially wealthy’ it is about something much more important!

Creating Balance:

There is a point of perfect balance that most of us never find as we move too rapidly and without consciousness over the ‘fulcrum of life’.

Identifying Purpose:

How many of us fail to clearly articulate our purpose so that we can truly begin a fruitful journey?

Achieving Harmony:

The music of the Spheres resonates throughout the Cosmos – but we need to do more than just listen carefully to achieve true harmony in our own life!