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You are about to embark on a Cosmic journey!


You are purchasing a FOUR WEEK Life Orienteering package with Ruth Rosa.
This package is the beginning of a very enriching experience leading you to prosperity and abundance.
You are about to engage with the regenerative energies of Nature, the Cosmos of the Universe. 

The time for growth is now!



A Life Orienteering package


You are buying an introductory package to Life Orienteering. You are committing to three weeks of Life Orienteering

Details about the package are found in the description section (see below)

This package is not refundable


Life Orienteering Package includes:


This is a three weeks Life Orienteering Intro Package.


Upon purchasing the Life Orienteering Intro Package, you will receive a welcome e-mail with a link to complete a brief questionnaire. After your questionnaire is received you will then be invited to book your first session. The package will be completed as follows:


First week:

1) Questionnaire review, answer any preliminary questions you have. This is a half hour live call.
2) A basic Astrological Natal Chart and numerological profile preliminary review
3)  A downloadable PDF covering the following :

  • What is Life Orienteering
  • A Definition of Nature and where you fit within the description
  • The System & The Art of Contemplation.

4) Exercises based on the information shared


Second Week:

1) 1 ½ hour live stream meeting to review the PDF document with the Astrological Natal Chart and numerological reading
2) Call to action based on your Astrological Natal Chart Reading and numerology. The call to action includes:
A PDF document with some specific recommendations based on your Astrological Natal Chart
A PDF – starting the System & the Art of Contemplation
3) Exercises. Questions


Third Week

1. One hour coaching session to discuss further action based on the System and Art of Contemplation
2. Exercises. Questions
3. PDFs – extra and valuable downloadable information to assist your journey towards growth in accordance to Natural Laws

Fourth Week

Conclusion of the package. At the end of the fourth week you are going to receive a written evaluation of your Life Orienteering sessions. The evaluation includes further recommendations to assist your Cosmic Journey!

Download the description of this three weeks introductory Life Orienteering Package



You are an inspiring teacher. I continue to look for any information that you share. Your perspective helped me to congeal all the other pieces of information I’ve gathered throughout my life.

It’s how you started the program. Simply helping to understand who we truly are; from our center creating a environment to grow our best selves.

Very empowering! Thank-you!

Lillian L.