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I help women to become

Fairy Godmothers to themselves,

 their homes and their families

Did you know 2020 is a very special year?

This is a year where your dreams can come true!

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Ways I can help:

Tired of being a Cinderella?

At some point in a woman’s life, many of us feel we are just serving others and not always being appreciated for the service we do. Although we may love being a nurturer to our home and family, wouldn’t it be magical to become a Fairy Godmother instead of a being a Cinderella to everyone? What if I tell you that’s possible? All you have to do is remember who you really are. I can help you to remember the Venus, the Earth and the Lunar energies living in you!

Ways I can help:

  • How to gain total clarity and do what you need to do with total passion & enthusiasm
  • How to gain confidence as a woman and as a mother
  • How to get inspiration for a project or a business
  • How to live copiously or in abundance
  • How to be ‘closer to’ nature by ‘working with’ nature
  • How to ‘harvest’ cosmic energies to your favour
  • How to become more ecologically-sound or ‘green’ in everything you do

In other words…

…I can show you how to vanquish ‘Cinderella Syndrome’ and become a Fairy Godmother to yourself, to your home and family!


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The Women I work with…

… seek creative, natural, meaningful, spiritual and practical but effective ways to reclaim their womanhood because they want and need to reposition themselves within


I believe that when such women are re-established within the circle of their powers, they can all start healing their own inner environment and then orient others to do the same. If this idea also inspires and motivates you… then join me today!


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About me

I am a mother of a creative  girl. I live in Portugal in one of the most idelic places this beautiful country has to offer. I am a dreamer and I know nothing is impossible…


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Learn to burn away the struggles and pain of life and use the ashes to nourish your inner environment so the rose within you can bud and blossom to its full beautiful potential!